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Delfino Falciani

Author Delfino Falciani

I am a life long lover of all things Geek-dom, but Sci-fi and Fantasy are at the top of my list. I have been drawing and writing stories since the age of 4, when I met my childhood friend Vincent Amoroso, who showed me my first comic book. As a child Lost in Space and Land of the Lost had a profound effect on me. These were my gateway drugs and cemented the foundation for my love of the genre. Then in 1973 my dad took me to my first movie in the theaters. That movie was The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, and from then on, I was enraptured more deeply than Narcissus was with his reflection. I fell deeper into the rabbit hole in 1977 when my friend Kevin Tomasello introduced me to The Hobbit. And of course, that was the same year that Star Wars came out. ’Nuff Said!

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