Hi and welcome to Dances in Exile. This comic is a real passion project. I’ve been working on the stories and these characters for close to twenty years off and on. T’Orianna started off as a D&D character. I wanted to do something different than your elf, human or half orc. So I created a female warrior from another plane/world and set her down in a harsh world where her people come to train and sharpen their survival skills. As we played week after week her backstory started to fill out and I quickly noticed that I had a whole galaxy of material to work with. The more I thought about her and the eL’nathians the more and more stories started to come until I had a dozen or more spiral note book full of stories. For years I did page layouts and rewrote dialogue and add characters and worlds and races and… you get the idea.
But this comic isn’t a one man show. I had a lot of help from friends and family along the way (some, if not most, I tricked into listening to my rants). But there was a plethora of people that brain stormed with me and inspired me. Far too many to name here.
Finally, I met Jake and Sean Baggs at a comic con we were attending and we got talking and they decided that they were interested in working with me on this project. I can’t thank them enough. Jake’s pencils are strong and bold. Sean’s coloring is striking and delightful.
I hope you enjoy the comic as much as we did making it. I am proud of the results.

Jan 7, 2020