Dances in Exile is a science fiction story that takes place in a far-off quadrant of our galaxy where alien races and faster than light travel is common place. The main characters are T’Orianna, aZ’ariah, and oR’thargurys.

The stories follow T’Orianna aN’unnaki, a female of the elite warrior sect the La-sA’na-Qannu, as she is unceasingly chased through several star systems, nebulas, planets and space stations, by her ex-fiancé, oR’thargurys. Besides the many bounty hunters, oR’thargurys also sends his right-hand man and lieutenant of his personal guard, aZ’ariah, to chase her down. Unknown to oR’thargurys, years before, aZ’ariah was T’Orianna’s academy trainer and one-time lover. Now aZ’ariah must choose between honor and duty, and the love he still feels for T’Orianna.

Dances in Exile is a mature comic book with very hard language, sexual content, and graphic violence.