Klaatahulin, of the House of Obsidian (known to his friends as Klaat’hu) is the last surviving member of the race of Teraans.

Born during the final battle of the Great Teraan Civil War, Klaat’hu’s father, Tepeyollotl, wove an obsidian cocoon and set it adrift among the Skylands of the Mobius Strip. He was found and raised by Tyberius and Melina Proudwater on the skyland of Biblioterra, a place of scholars and librarians.

Now, as an adult, Klaat’hu travels throughout the Mobius Strip in pursuit of knowledge, while rediscovering the stories of his people, and learning to control the abilities he holds sway over rock and stone.

View the beginnings of the first two short stories of the adventures of Klaat’hu! The remainder of the stories are coming soon. I hope you enjoy the reading the stories and seeing the artwork as much as I did creating them.

Klaat’hu Tales – Issue #1
Klaat’hu Tales – Issue #2