Delfino Falciani
Illustrator    Cartoonist    Sculptor    Storyteller


Dances in Exile

Dances in Exile is a science fiction story that takes place in a far of quadrant of our galaxy where alien races and faster than light travel is common place.  The main characters are T’Orianna, aZ’ariah, and oR’thargurys.

The stories follow T’Orianna, a female, of the warrior sect of eL’nath, as she is unceasingly chased through several star systems, nebulas, planets and space stations, by her ex-fiancé, oR’thargurys.  Besides the many bounty hunters, oR’thargurys also sends his right hand man and lieutenant of his personal guard, aZ’ariah, to chase her down.  Unknown to oR’thargurys, years before aZ’ariah was T’Orianna’s academy trainer and one time lover.  Now aZ’ariah must choose between honor and duty, and the love he still feels for T’Orianna. 

Dances in Exile is an adult comic book with very hard language, sexual content, and graphic violence.

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T’Orianna’s background

T'Orianna was about to get married to a noble of a powerful eL’nathian House.  The marriage was arranged by their parents in hope to strengthen power and influence.  Unfortunately T'Orianna was a very arrogant woman.  Up until now she had been undefeated by any opponent.  On the day upon meeting her future husband she boasted and bragged of her fighting skills, and declared that she could take on any male even her husban-to-be’s men.  In jest he said that she would have to fight him to reach his men.  With that she challenged him to a duel.  He did not take the challenge very seriously and they started to tussle.  By the time he realized that T'Orianna was not joking he was face down and unconscious.  When he woke up he was livid with rage and wanted to kill her for making a fool of him in front of his men, but T'Orianna was gone.  Her father spirited her away and put her on a ship in an unknown direction. 

Her parents had agreed that the less people knew the better, so they made arrangements to marry him to T'Orianna’s younger sister and to hide T'Orianna from him.  But oR’thargurys’es pride would not let the matter rest and he vowed to hunt her down and make her pay for his humiliation.