Although the term FTL (Faster Than Light) is used throughout “DiE” Space, it is not technically correct.  Nothing can move faster than light.  This includes ships.  Though there are galaxy spanning empires, and travel for star to star, this is not achieved by traveling faster than the speed of light, but with the aid of Portal Engines.  There are two main type of engines used in DiE Space, Fusion Drive and Portal Drive.  

The Fusion Drive is used in getting around within a star system, for instance form planet to moon or planet to planet.  It is a very efficient way of traveling quickly for short distances (astronomically speaking).  The eL’nathians have developed a fusion drive that takes its fuel from the gases of a Gas Giant Planet.  They are able to skim through the upper atmosphere of a gas giant and take in the molecules it needs and internally mix them to provide a most efficient propulsion method.  Most (but not all) other races throughout DiE Space have adopted this drive system.  The Andromidites for instance use a Bio-luminescent Crystal Drive, based on their Silicon-Tech.  

The Portal Drive is a step beyond.  The Portal Drive allows ships to go from star system to star system without traveling the full distance.  It works by opening a portal at two points in space and connecting them with a conduit of compressed space.    The area is not compressed to an infinite state but a diminished space.  The compressed area is called Dwarf-Space.  The tunnel connecting the two portals is referred to as the Conduit.   The Dwarf-Space in the Conduit is compressed to approximately 1 light-year per minute.  For instance, a distance of 300 light-years can be traveled in 5 hours.  Thus, a ship can travel vast distances in a relatively short time.  Portal Drives are massive and take a great deal of energy to work.  This puts a limit on how small a ship can have one.  For instance, a one-man fighter needs to be quick and agile.  Attaching a Portal Drive to one would make it so large that it would negate all its maneuverability.  Empires have built Portal Nodes within their territory.  Portal Nodes are places that empires have built a permanent portal structure for heavy traffic, for instance, commerce and military transportation.

The other component to both drives is the Gravity Ring.  A Gravity Ring is a device that not only holds the person to the deck of the ship so one can walk around without the aid of mag-boots, but also works as an inertial dampener. This helps when moving at great speeds beyond the body’s tolerances.  Most Gravity Rings are integrated within the structure of the ship, but some on some smaller ships do extend beyond the hull.  eL’nathians also use them within asteroids because of their low gravity.