Name Description Group Story
aC’ari, the a cY’klops class eL’nathian ship thing The Tech-Wizards
Acrux (Alpha Crueis) star- current home-system of the Antarians place common
aD’arkorda, House a moderate powerful eL’nathian dynasty (aZ’ariah’s family) person common
aD’asii, House a powerful eL’nathian dynasty (oR’thargurys’s family) person common
Albaldah (Pi Sagittarii) star – home-system of The Sagittari place common
Almaak (Gamma Andromedae) star – home-system to the Andromidites place common
Andromidites a crystalline race of humanoids race common
aN’nunaki, House a moderate powerful eL’nathian dynasty (T’Orianna’s family) person common
Antares (Alpha Scorpii) star – original home-system of the Antarians place common
Antarians a race of humanoid that resemble humans race common
apO’llonia aN’nunaki T’Orianna’s second younger sister (8 yrs. younger) person common
aR’ion, The T’Orianna’s ship (30 meters) Equiline Class ship thing common
aR’Tashuumaru, House the Mad King’s Dynasty person common
aS’senion eL’nath’s 9th planet – home of The Senions place common
aS’taurian Archipelago an asteroid belt around eL’nath – formally aS’taurion place common
aS’taurion original home-world of the eL’nathians – eL’nath’s 7th planet- now destroyed and an asteroid belt known as the Archipelago place common
aZ’ariah aD’arkorda T’Orianna’s lover – oR’thargurys’ lieutenant person common
Bots short for robots with a limited function, server-bot, combat-bots etc. thing common
Captain eN’asy Captain of the cY’klops ship sC’orpion person The Tech-Wizards
Captain oR’eskup Captain of the cY’klops ship aC’ari person The Tech-Wizards
Carapace Home world of the Lesathii place common
Cluster, The group of asteroids held together with a superstructure seat of eL’nathian gov. place common
Comelopardalis Suite, the an orchestral piece of music that T’Orianna enjoys dancing to. thing the Tech-Wizards
Crylain  a star system within the Andromidite Dynasty thing The Tech-Wizards
Crylain 4 Doraal’s home world place The Tech-Wizards
Cyb-noid (insult) an insulting term for a cyborg language common
cY’clops Destroyer 3rd largest eL’nathian warship (300 meters) thing common
daL’manthula, House a moderately powerful eL’nathian dynasty person common
deL’vorin aN’nunaki sovereign of the vA’gluin Cluster – T’Orianna’s father person common
dO’gahdo (insult) milker of cows language common
Doraal a humanoid alien girl T’Orianna befriends person The Tech-Wizards
Dwarf-Space the space that portal drive creates to make star travel possible –Wormholes thing common
eL’nath (Beta Tauri) star – home-system of the eL’nathians place common
eL’nathians a race of humanoid aliens race common
Equinus Class Ship a yacht ranging in size (approx. 30 ft) thing common
gA’odhasti (insult) one who maintains (has sex with) animals language common
Genndy Doraal’s grandfather person The Tech-Wizards
gO’rdieh (title) Warrior Woman language common
gR’iffin Fighter one-man eL’nathian fighter-ships (10 meters) thing common
Humans people originally from Earth that were abducted now free race common
Illtonian Fudge a sweet delicacy thing The Tech-Wizards
iZ’dubar aD’asii oR’thargurys’s grandfather person common
kA’avii title used by eL’nathians for royals as kings, lords, ect… person common
kA’mran “Desire of the Heart”  T’Ori’s name for aZ’ariah language common
Kassiopia moon – orbiting Ketos, home world of the Andromidites place common
Ketos planet – ringed gas giant around the star Almaak place common
kH’arah kH’uul shit eater language common
kR’aken Dreadnaut largest eL’nathian warship (9454 meters) thing common
Krotus planet – home-world to the Sagittari place common
La-sA’na-Qannu ” Unrivaled Horn” an elite fighting force among the eL’nathians person common
Lesath (Upsilon Scorpii) star – home-system of the Lesathii place common
Lesathii an insect race of humanoids race common
mA’haluth Cluster a large cluster of asteroids with many satellite clusters (House aD’asii Dynasty) place common
maN’ticore Battleship 2nd largest eL’nathian warship (2144 meters) thing common
Mus eR’aat Tauri eL’nathian swear translation: Suck a bull’s cock language common
New Ramesses or Ramesses II planet – new home world to the Antarians around the star Acrux place common
Novosbarg a town on Crylain 4 near Doraal’s farmstead place The Tech-Wizards
Nytrolium a rare metallic gas found in the Snail Shell Nebula thing The Tech-Wizards
O’bediah aD’arkorda aZ’ariah’s father, aka The Magistrate person common
Okarcain a highly addictive drug that one snorts thing common
Okar-tree a tree whose bark is used to make Okarcain thing common
Oligarch planet – home-world to the Procyions place common
Ortal Persein a small nebula near the star (Beta Persei) place common
oR’thargurys aD’asii T’Orianna’s ex-fiancé- now her hunter person common
Pan star- current home-system of the Sagittari place common
pA’noply The ceremonial armor of eL’nath thing common
Parthian Shot spinning ones ship around (flying backwards) and firing as one retreats- used mostly by small fighter ships thing common
Pleione star – home system to Humans – part of the Pleiadian Cluster place common
Potovic Doraal’s granduncle – Genndy’s brother person The Tech-Wizards
Procyon star – home-system of The Procyons (a binary star-system) place common
Procyons a race of metallic aliens race common
Ramesses planet – original home world to the Antarian (now a dead world) place common
Ro-Tyde an assassin sent by oR’thargurys to kill T’Orianna person The Tech-Wizards
Sagittariians a centaur-like race of aliens race common
sC’orpion, the a cY’klops class eL’nathian ship thing The Tech-Wizards
Senions a primitive race that live on aS’senion, the 9th planet orbiting the star eL’nath person common
Snail Shell Nebula a nebula with a spiral configuration located within the Andromidite Dynasty thing The Tech-Wizards
Suzzet Doraal’s bird-mount thing The Tech-Wizards
Tech-Glaive an other name for a toL’lyn thing common
Terra home-world of the humans around the star Pleione place common
toL’lyn primary extendable staff weapon used by eL’nathians thing common
T’Orianna aN’nunaki female eL’nathian warrior person common
vA’gluin Cluster, The small cluster of asteroids original home of T’Orianna place common
zaaL’ albino – white haired warrior person common
zaR’athushtra aR’Tashuumaru the Mad King person common
zE’rzura “Oasis of Little Birds” fabled land where the monks of the Great Protector live aka- Sanctuary place common
zH’ipharah aN’nunaki T’Orianna’s mother (dead) person common
zO’phia aN’nunaki T’Orianna’s first younger sister (2 yrs. younger) person common
zU’rasii term for “student” of the zE’rzuraian monks person common