Delfino Falciani
Illustrator    Cartoonist    Sculptor    Storyteller


Equinox Art Studios

Welcome to Equinox Art Studios.   My name is Delfino Falciani and this is my portfolio.  I am an illustrator, cartoonist, and sculptor, but I see myself mostly as a storyteller.  A picture says a thousand words.  This is the approach I take when doing a drawing.  I like to engage the viewer, spark their imagination, and then transport them.  I want to present a scene, and then have the viewer ask what happened before this moment, and what will happen next.  I want them to be drawn in by the characters and ask who are they and what is their back-story.

I hope you enjoy my art, and while exploring these pages, feel free to lose yourself in a story or two.

~ Delfino ~