eL’nathian Amor is integral to all eL’nathians.  There are many reasons why eL’nathians are rarely seen without their armor.  Most races that have encountered eL’nathians see them as a very hard and warrior race.  eL’nathians are almost in constant conflict within their society and how they deal with other races. 

Their armor is not only essential to space combat but also to eL’nathian physiology.  Since the death of the Mad King (4000 years ago) and then the destruction of their home world aS’tauri, the eL’nathians have lived in the remains of their world, now an asteroid belt called the Archipelago.  In the 4000 years of living in a low “G” environment the eL’nathians physiology has changed.  They were once of average human height and build (6’ tall) and somewhat stocky.  Over the years their bodies have changed and adapted and now range from 8’ to 10’ tall for females and 9’ to 11’ tall for males.  They are long limbed and have long fingers and toes.  But the other side of the coin is that they are not as strong as they use to be.   Being a space faring race, they visit other worlds.  All these planets much have higher gravity than asteroids.   So, to help them move around and function on these other worlds they developed their armor.  The armor acts much like an exoskeleton and holds them up in higher G environments.

There are several other benefits eL’nathians have designed into the nano-tech of their armor.  Though it is not a space suit – it can protect the wearer for short periods of time in vacuum.  It contains heating and cooling elements that keep the wearer comfortable in extreme condition.  Because of the size and bulkiness of their suits other races automatically think they are naturally strong, by in truth the nano-motors within the armor provide eL’nathians with a bit more strength.  Though they are not weak the extra strength their armor provides make them seem, to other races, almost superhuman.  They are able to lift 9 times their body weight and can run and jump farther and faster when wearing the armor.  But the most important aspect of eL’nathian armor is its flexibility.  The armor is made of flexible alloys and polymers.  This is very important to eL’nathians because of their integral connection to their dancing.  They cannot have any restrictions while dancing or the results will suffer.  Because of the nano-tech there is no restriction in their movement.   Other races are in awe when seeing them dance in armor.  eL’nathians have been wearing armor for so long that it is now like a second skin and there is just about nothing that they can’t do, eat, dance, sleep, or even have sex, in or out of their armor.