Main Characters:

T’Orianna aN’nunaki

T’Orianna is a female eL’nathian of an elite warrior class, the La-sA’na-Qannu.  Shortly after graduating her father delivers the news of her arranged marriage, to oR’thargurys of House aD’asii.  On the night of her engagement she commits one of the worst transgressions any female could perpetrate in eL’nathian society.  She strikes a male eL’nathian outside of battle.  Not just any male, but her husband to be.  Now she is on the run and being hunted by countless bounty hunters. 

aZ’ariah aD’arkorda

aZ’ariah is a male eL’nathian of the elite warrior class, the La-sA’na-Qannu.  He was T’Orianna’s instructor during her first several years of training.  During a training mission aZ’ariah and T’Orianna got separated from the rest of the squadron.  While hunkering down behind enemy lines they took comfort in each other’s arms.  After being rescued they became secret paramours.  Then one day aZ’ariah receives a letter and without a word disappears.  Six years later he is seen in the employment of oR’thargurys.  In fact, he was the head guard during the engagement party.

oR’thargurys aD’asii

oR’thargurys is a noble of the very powerful and wealthy family of House aD’asii.  He is arrogant and spoiled and always gets what he wants.  On the day of his engagement, to T’Orianna of House aN’nunaki, he is struck unconscious by his wife to be.  This grievous transgression in front of so many was devastatingly humiliating.  It is just shy of a capital offence.   But before he could carry out any punishment T’Orianna was spirited away by her father.  Now oR’thargurys obsesses to finding her and making her pay for her crime against him.

Secondary Characters:


Doraal is a young girl from Crylain 4, that befriends T’Orianna.  She has a mysterious past that even she is unaware of. 

deL’vorin aN’nunaki

deL’vorin aN’nunaki, Sovereign of the vA’gluin Cluster – T’Orianna’s father


Genndy is Doraal’s grandfather who raises Doraal after the deaths of her parents.


Potovic is Doraal’s granduncle and estranged brother to Genndy.  He is known to many as the Tech-Wizard.


Nastassya was Doraal’s mother who died in a tragic accident.