There are thousands upon thousands of habitable worlds within “DiE” space.  And most planets have its own indigenous life. People from the early state of cave dwellers to those just reaching their own moon for the first time to galaxy spanning empires. 

These seven races are the ones that have achieved faster than light capability (the Gorgolusi are not counted among them because they don’t live within DiE space, but are included in the list because of past encounters and that they have FTL capability).  These seven have large empires across the Orion Spur of the Milky Way. They are also known as HTR (High-Tech-Race).

  1. eL’nathians 
  2. Humans
  3. Andromidites
  4. Sagittari
  5. Antarians 
  6. Lesathii 
  7. Procyons  
  8. Gorgolusi


eL’nath is a class B star that lies within the Orion Spur of the Milky Way Galaxy.  It originally had 17 orbiting planets but now is down to 16, due to the destruction of the 7th planet, which is now an asteroid belt.  Because of the size and brightness of eL’nath it has a large habitable zone.  Within this zone are 5 planets.  Two of these planets support life.  The 7th planet originally called aS’taurion, now known as the eL’nathian Archipelago, and the 9th planet is named aS’senion.  The eL’nathians are a nomadic people that live within the belt that once use to be their world.  They are a highly technological, space faring race. Their technology also includes cybernetics and robotics.  The eL’nathians are a hard and war like people. 

The aS’taurion/eL’nathians are a tall race (by human standards).  They look like large humanoids, with long pointed ears and beautiful faces and strong graceful bodies.  Their hair comes in a verity of shades and colors, but mostly on the fair side.  The males stand about eight to nine feet tall and the females range from six to seven feet.  The most distinguishing feature between the sexes is that the males have bovine horns on their heads and the females do not.  They are a people steep in honor, and war is a way of life for them.  The eL’nathians are also very sexually open.  Attractiveness is determined by battle prowess and not by physical appearances.   When not having sex the eL’nathians are dancing.  They have an elaborate method of communicating through movement and dance. 

The aL’essendoria, (The Dance):

Dance is very essential to the eL’nathians.  It is a part of their being.  Much of their communication is done through dance, movement, and body language.  They have a language, which is all movement that they can communicate with each other much like hand signing but using the whole body, thus looking like a dance.  eL’nathians can go for weeks without eating, being sustained only through the energies of the aL’essendoria. 

The eL’nathian word aL’essendoria is derived from the root “essen” or essence which means: the inward nature, true substance, or constitution of anything, as opposed to what is accidental, phenomenal, illusionary, etc.; something that exists, esp. a spiritual or immaterial entity.   “oria” or aura, a subtly pervasive quality or atmosphere seen as emanating from a person, place, or thing; a sensation, as of lights or a current or life or energies.  Thus, aL’essendoria means “the essence of life”. 

By dancing the eL’nathians are able to tap into an energy pool that is accessed through movement.   The movements must be precise and it gives it the look of dancing.  

The toL’lyn:

The toL’lyn, (also known as a Tech-Glaive) is an important weapon in eL’nathian culture.  It is a retractable staff that can be used fully extended or as a club.  In club form it is 3 feet long and, and can emit a small electrical jolt. 

In its staff form it is 8 feet long, and has blades that expands on both ends.  It can also discharge bolts of plasma, much like a rifle-blaster.

Most toL’lyns are biometrically synced to one user, to avoid others using one’s weapon against one self.


The humans that populate “DiE” Space are true humans originally from Earth.  In ancient times the Earth was visited many times by extraterrestrials.  Many humans were abducted and taken from Earth.  The race responsible for the abductions was the Antarians.  Of all the alien races the Antarians are most human like in appearance.  There are some minor facial differences but for the most part they are very similar.  Some speculate the Earth was seeded by the Antarians.  Humans were taken and used as slaves for thousands of years.  With the help of the Andromidites, they rose up and revolted.  After gaining their freedom they colonized their own worlds.  They now consider their home system Pleione within the Pleiades Cluster.  Their new home-world is called Terra. 


Andromidites are one of the strangest races within “DiE” Space.  The Andromidites are the only known silicon-life form.  Their bodies are grown from a crystalline lattice.  They are an androgynous race so there is no male or female. Though the term “Queen” is used for their ruler, it is a term other races use for lack of translation.  They are a very beautiful race.  They look like living quartz crystals.  Their Home-system is Almaak (a four star system).  Their Home-world is Kassiopia, a moon of the Ringed Gas Giant Ketos.  Their moon is a very dense planetoid and has a very high gravity with strong gravitational forces from Ketos, but the Andromidites, with their crystalline structure can withstand the pressures.   Their moon is outside the habitable zone of the home star, but the ringed world provides heat and light enough for the Andromidites.  Kassiopia is a huge geode at the center and millions of geodes around it. It is a hollow-world and the Andromidites live within Kassiopia and not on its surface.  The surface is encrusted and has the appearance of a lifeless cratered moon.  They have a powerful mental connection with their home-world because their world has a living consciousness.  Their technology and ships all work on silicon-tech.  Their ships look like giant crystal nautiluses and their cities look like giant crystal clusters.  Everything about them is beautiful. 


The Sagittari are a race of centaur-like beings.  They are actually two species with a symbiotic relationship.  In the early stages of development, the head and torso (the Sagi) are amphibious and are grown in large vats.  In the adolescent stage they loose their tails and are left with an exposed coccyx bone.  This bone is the nexus for the next stage of development.  At this point they are then attached to a four limbed creature (the Tari) that receives the tailbone.  The tailbone has a nervous system that integrates with its host.  This is the finale stage development of the Sagittari.    The Sagi are highly intelligent and emotionless.  The Tari are wild creatures of primitive intelligence and carnal in nature.    The symbiosis relies on each obtaining attributes from the other.  The Sagi obtains emotional connections, and mobility on land.  The Tari obtains higher intelligence and a longer life span.  On top of it all they both gain a balance of intelligence and emotion.  They also have the virtue of never being alone, because the two minds are always in communication with each other.  Their home-system is (Phi Sagittari) known to most as Pan.  Their home-world is Krotus.  Though they have faster than light travel they are the least advanced of the HTR.


The Antarians are a humanoid race.  They are genetically the closest relatives to humans of all the HTR.  Having seeded the Earth with their DNA they look almost completely human except for minor facial differences.  Their culture, architecture and mode of dress closely resemble that of the ancient Egyptians of Earth.    The Antarians were the race that abducted humans form earth.  It is RUMORED that they originally seeded earth in the first place so to have a farm to grow slaves.  Because of the use of these slaves their empire grew large and rapid.  After thousands of years of slavery, the humans rose up and revolted with the help of the Andromidites.  Despite the closeness in genetics there is a great animosity between humans and Antarians.  Their home-system was Antares, and their home-world was Ramesses.  Ramesses is now a dead world, ruined in the revolt of the humans.  Their new home world is New Ramesses, or Ramesses the Second in their new home system around the star Acrux.


The Lesathii are a race of humanoid insects.  The closest earth creature is a bee, The Lesathii have a hive social structure.  There is a Queen to the colony and the rest are workers and drones.  They are tall and have three sets of limbs and three body sections like most insects.  They have compound eyes, antennas, mandibles.  Depending if it is a drone or worker they have wings (Drones have wings, workers do not).  They are the most numerous of all the HTR.   The Lesathii are known for their mechanical skill.  No matter how broken or alien, something is, they can fix it.  Their home-system is Lesath.  Their home-world is called Carapace.  Carapace is very similar to Mars.  It is a red desert world with countless craters.  Their cities are built within these craters.  But they are only the tips of the icebergs- their cities are 80% underground.


The Procyons are the most mysterious race of the “Dancers in Exile” universe.    There are many falsehoods about the them, some spread by the Procyons themselves to deepen their mystery.  Little is known about the Procyons.  This is what is known:

They are a fully mechanical race.   The original biological race that first constructed them is unknown, and their origins are lost in the vaults of time.  They can be built into any shape and form according to the desired needed, but they have many humanoid shaped mechanoids as ambassadors to inter act with other races.  Their home-system is Procyon.  Their home-world is Oligarch.  They interact with other HTR only when needs call for it.  In turn it is also difficult for other races to interact and communicate with them. The Procyons have built a quasi Dyson Swarm around their entire territory.  This Dyson Swarm prevents any penetration of activity form other races to interfere in their territory.

Note: Earth lies within the boundaries of the Procyon territory, thus it is kept isolated from the rest of the interactions of all the other empires, and is oblivious to all the activity going on around it.


There is little known of the Gorgolusi.  Their empire stretches toward the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way galaxy, mostly outside the Orion Spur.  One fact that is known about them is that they are extremely territorial, and will attack any that infringe upon their space.  The Gorgolusi and the Andromidites are ancient enemies.  Though the Andromidites do know more about the Gorgolusi they keep it to themselves and don’t share the information with other races.   It is rumored that the Gorgolusi are so hideous that they turned the Andromidites to stone.   This is untrue of course, the Andromidites were always a silicon-based life.  They are often called Gorgons because of these stories. 

Bonus, a Brief History of the eL’nathians:

The eL’nathians were at one time a very peaceful and virtuous people.  Like all races they had times war and their times of enlightenment.  They were a very religious people and they worshiped their deity faithfully. 

Their world was the seventh planet from the star eL’nath, called aS’taurion, and it was lush and green.  They made many leaps in technology, and soon started exploring their solar system and then the quadrant of their galaxy.  They encountered all manner of alien life.  Some were friendly some were hostile.  In their own solar system only one other planet was able to support life. This was the ninth planet, aS’sonion but it was far too cold to be any use to them, so for the most part they left it, and the one sentient race, alone.    The people of this world were very primitive in comparison to the eL’naths, but were also very spiritual. 

Things were going well for the eL’nathians until four thousand years ago.  At this time they were ruled by a mad king that seduced the masses and took them from the path of enlightenment and virtue to lead them down a crumble road of apocalypse and doom.  His name was zaR’athushtra.  The mad king convinced the majority to follow his empty promises and leave the worship of their deity, known as The Great Protector.  This saddened and angered the god and told them that if they were to follow the mad king he would release his hand of protection.  This frightened some but most were too far under the mad king’s spell.  So the Wrath of their god was brought down on them and the world was plunged into chaos. Their god said to them only when you are back on the right path that leads to me will you find peace.    

This is when the warrior sect took charge and thing leveled off a bit.  But it didn’t take long before corruption and greed over took them again.  Still partially under the mad king’s spell they became very arrogant and thought themselves great conquerors.  So they set out to overtake all who opposed them. 

The words of their god became clear to them when they encountered a new enemy that the eL’nathians didn’t know their foes strength.  With their gods protection withdrawn their new enemy defeated the eL’naths in a single battle, and as punishment tore apart their planet into millions of pieces, using a large sonic weapon.  Now aS’taurion is nothing more than an asteroid belt in orbit around the sun named the eL’nathian Archipelago.

The eL’nathians became a nomadic people, traveling and mining the belt.  At this point the scientists and engineers designed the Clusters. They took several of the larger asteroids and knotted them together with an enormous super structure, and created continent size areas as a governing center for their people.   Many powerful families arose and did the same for their Houses, albeit to a smaller degree.   

The eL’nathians’ problems didn’t end there.  Over the past four thousand years the orbit of the asteroid belt has slowly deteriorate.  Now they only have five hundred years left before their home would be uninhabitable from the sheer heat and solar radiation.  The problem had to be solved soon.  The different sects had different solutions.  The warrior sect wanted to go out and conquer a world and take it for their own (even with the set back of having their world destroyed they were a very powerful race).   The virtuous wanted to return to the path of god. In this they knew their world would be restored, but there are too few of them and so they keep trying to convince the masses. They suggest that they recruit the help of the people of the ninth planet, because of their spirituality, the virtuous sect believe this is the way to save the race from their doom.  The warrior sect refuses this line of thinking because it would make them look weak receiving help from a bunch of primitives.  The scientist group wants to take the ninth planet and slightly shift its orbit closer to the sun so it could sustain them comfortably.  This would be apocalyptic to all life on that world.  Though their technology is advanced enough to achieve this, much resistance from the virtuous sect meets it.  Because the third planet holds sentient life, to shift the orbit they would have to commit genocide.